Keep your game time focused on the people at your table.

StackPlay’s Hex Board eliminates the distractions that keep you from fully enjoying your game times.

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Easy To Setup

Distraction-Free Gaming

Game Time = Fun Time

Pizza time is the only time you should gather around cardboard.

Games make the best quality time with friends and family, so why ruin it gathering around a cheap paper board that’s hard to set up, gets bumped easily, and is going to break anyway? Upgrade your game time with a StackPlay board, and focus on the people you’re playing with.

The StackPlay Advantage

A Quality Experience​

Easy to store and easy to setup. StackPlay game boards get you playing with friends quickly, and give you a quality board that matches your quality time.

Bump-Proof Gaming

Make your game impervious to random table bumps from elbows, kids, and dogs. No more collecting scattered pieces, everything has its place on your Hex Board.​

Preserve Your Fun

Protect your investment in your favorite games with your Hex Board. Now you can play for years without game pieces wearing out and spoiling the fun for everybody.

Shop game boards that enhance your game time

We want you to have the best game time, and that’s why we made StackPlay. StackPlay boards are made out of high-quality machined sustainably-sourced bamboo, and are cleverly designed to store easily and assemble quickly. Each board holds your game pieces in place  and protects them so you can play without distraction. We currently offer boards for Settlers of Catan Classic, but we’re developing boards for all your favorite games.

“Game time should be about the people around the table. We created StackPlay so every game time could be time well spent. ”
John Critz
Founder of StackPlay

3 Steps To A Fresh Game Experience

Unstack Your Board

Pop-In Your Pieces

Have A Great Time

4 Problems StackPlay
Solves For Your Games

If you can play distraction-free, the only thing keeping you from a great time (and victory!) is how you play the game. That’s why we aimed to solve these 4 problems when we invented StackPlay.

1. Ditching Distractions

Time with loved ones is precious. You won’t get the most out of it texting around the table*. Now you can offer a high-quality game experience to your friends and family. With StackPlay, ditch distractions for a few blissful hours.
*You might score some sweet memes though. We get it.

2. Securing Your Game

Listen, everyone loves Rufus*. But how many games have been ruined one turn from victory because Rufus crashed into a table leg? Secure your game with StackPlay, and no time you invest in your game is wasted time. *Could be dog. Could be child. Could be your significant other.

3. Preserving Your Stuff

Games aren’t cheap. Have you ever stopped to think about how much you just spent on cardboard? Still, we love them. If you’ve invest money in your game, save on wear and tear by investing in StackPlay. Preserve your games for many play sessions to come.

4. Your Uncle Norm

We ALL have that uncle or aunt (or friend) who would rather be cleaning up, watching paint dry, or mowing the yard instead of spending time gaming with you. With Stackplay, you can…well…actually… we’re not sure we can help with this one…

StackPlay Hex Board versus the competition

Group 24 Regular Catan Custom Hand-Made Board
Made Of Durable Materials
Easy To Store
Keeps Everything In Place
Looks Good

Still Got Questions? Well…You’re Thorough. We’ll Give You That. (and answers too)

Every StackPlay board ships with the game board and our own custom connector we’ve called “the connector” (and before you ask…we workshopped that exhaustively). Our StackPlay boards are designed to stack flat for storage, and flat for gameplay, in order to provide you an uninterrupted game playing experience.

We are always innovating and looking for ways to improve your game playing experience. Currently, our primary offering are game boards for some of the most popular games. Sign up HERE to keep in the loop with our latest offerings. (May even get some early access)

Bamboo is an eco friendly product. As a resource, bamboo is readily available, easily replenished, requires a minimal carbon footprint for growth, doesn’t require chemicals, and is biodegradable (and antimicrobial). We threw a lot out in that sentence, in short, it’s one of the best products to minimize earthly destruction for manufacturing. Now you have a story to tell next time you break out your StackPlay. Discuss.

While we believe that StackPlay is a fantastic solution for game play distractions, we want to make sure you’re happy with your board. You have 30 days to give it a whirl, and if you’re not satisfied, you can contact us directly, and we’ll help arrange a return and refund. 

While we expect a long life of your StackPlay product, there are a few things you can do to give it some love along the way. While we don’t recommend washing the board, if you have a significant need (like your good friend Ben decided to bring a 2 liter of Big Red to the game night AND can’t control his arms) you can give the ol’ board a rinse (although quickly dry). Additionally, as with other bamboo products, over time the material can lose moisture and can be treated with a quality bamboo oil. We recommend a very light glazing, and refraining from gameplay for 24 hours. Make sure the coat is even, and once dried polish with a towel. 

Make The Most Of Your Time
With The People Around The Table.

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Stay up to date with StackPlay and receive an extra 10% off your first order!